July 3, 2014

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Our SEO Services Are Not For Everybody!

Whatever your business goals are, Marble City SEO is here to help you meet them. All of our services are customized for your specific needs.

We do not offer one-size-fits-all packages.  We base our prices on your market, competition, and a slew of other factors.

Before filling out the form below, please note that we would love to help everyone that has requested our services, as our high quality service is rapidly growing in popularity. But, we must select the clients we work with very carefully and we have set a reasonable criteria that needs to be met in order for us to move forward. MCS believes in quality over quantity. We are not here to take in as many clients as we can. We are here to give each client a customer service experience at the highest of quality. We only expect to work with a limited number of clients at any given time to guarantee the proper delivery of our services. The maximum focus, attention to detail, and your company’s ultimate success is our top priority.

Criteria To Work With US

1.) You must have a business that is already established, active and healthy (Start-ups and new businesses are acceptable)

You must be looking to scale your business and be able to handle the traffic/calls/leads we send you.

2.) You must have a budget of at least $500 month and willing to sign a  6 or 12 month contract (there is a 60 day out-clause)

We do not work with companies that want cheap, quick fixes or that will jump ship the minute we get their site ranking. 

3.) Your business must have a good reputation.

Not to be confused with popular - just not a bad or negative reputation. The business owners should operate with high integrity, too.  Business owners that constantly call or email to "check in" will be billed extra for our time. No whiners!

If you feel you and your business meets our simple criteria, please  fill out the Business Prospect Form below.We will use this info to get a run-down on what product or service you sell, an idea of what you’re looking to accomplish, etc. We’ll then meticulously review your goals, your offers, your market, and so forth. Then we’ll promptly deliver a custom plan to grow your revenues based on the exact same process that we use for ourselves. Your initial call is free and may last up to 1 hour.


Discovery Form

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